Construction of Private Projects

Construction of structures and H/M installation.

We construct and oversee all types of building structures, carrying out the required earthmoving requirements, the construction of the *φέροντος οργανισμού (from concrete metallic structures , complex structure, pre-made elements), insulation (thermal, damp, proofing), installing reinforcements, brickworks, rendering, division of interior space by erecting walls, coating of floors , frame placement, the creation of architectural facades , the construction of electromechanical infrastructure and networks plus the configuration of the surrounding area for:

  • Commercial areas and stores
  • Housing and offices
  • Hotel complexes
  • Exhibition centers
  • Industrial buildings
  • Ovals, sports facilities
  • Specialized projects

We create the structure from point zero and we deliver with the key in hand providing complete solutions. We work with engineering consultancy companies which have years of experience in the field to achieve these goals.

Maintenance, renovation, repairs, support

We undertake renovations.
  • Commercial complexes
  • Residences
  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • Structures of heritage
  • Indoor and outdoor areas using our own or the client’s studies or plans for implantation.
We maintain and repair building structures, dealing with all fuels of technical problems which may arise from wear and tear or when substantial damage is incurred ( ie. from earthquakes ) continuing with reinforcement structures of the *φέροντος οργανισμού.
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