Permits – Case Studies

Together with specialists in their fieldsΤΕΡΕΑ ΚΑΤΑΣΚΕΥΑΣΤΙΚΗ ΑΕWorks . Engineers and Architects boasting many years of experience, who are in a position to deal with all the public service regulations which are required in the sphere of construction.

Generally the study cases below cover a large spectrum of construction. Even where there are specialized requirements of a project, the company is in a position to solve these issues which demand extra planning, eq: the planning of deeper foundations, or pre-approvals and research, such as Geotechnical Research.

We undertake

  • Issuing a building permit
  • Topographic chart
  • Architectural Study
  • Static Study
  • Study of Electrical Currents
  • Study of heating
  • Study of water supply
  • Μελέτη αποχέτευσης
  • Study of cooling systems
  • Study of building energy efficiency
  • Study of elevations systems
  • Passive fire protection study
  • Active fire protection study
  • Time planning study
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