Construction and management
civil (public) and private projects.


Our Company

Our Company (Dimitrios Stamboulis and Co) with the distinctive title DELTA TECHNICAL and Co. was founded in 2009 Kassandra Halkidiki by Dimitrios Stamboulis and is active in the sector of construction and management in the public and private sectors. It is supported by efficient and specialized persons with excellent capabilities, providing the experience needed in projects such as the public and private sectors. He is a holder of a category (2) degree of (MEEΠ) to be able to undertake govt. contracts and projects in the fields of structures, hydraulics , roadworks and category (1) degree of (ΜΕΕΠ) to be able to undertake govt. contract projects in the sector of ports, commercial structures, energy and electromechanical fields.


The main concern of our company is to succeed in doing a good job and for our client to be entirely satisfied when the project is completed. This is why we treat each undertaking and client as unique and follow up each step taken as the project progresses so as to minimize any problem which may arise.

  • Structures are maintained to prevent any mishap whether it is structural or technical.
  • We construct the structure from point zero and progress until we deliver the end result.
  •  We build and oversee every structural project.
  • We work with planning agents who have proven successful in their own right over the years.
  • We comply with legislations and standards set using excellent certified materials which are of international standards quality.
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